Fridgewords: A Backbone and gulp.js tooling example app

I gave a talk at CodeMash last week on using gulp.js to organize your frontend stack. It was the first time I have ever spoken at a tech conference and it was a lot of fun.

You can find the slides in my codemash2015 github repo. It's a reveal.js presentation, so just clone the repo and open the index.html file in a browser.


I needed an example app for the presentation so I created fridgewords. It is inspired by those sliding words magnets often seen on refridgerators.

Like this one.
beard poet

gulp.js, browserify, etc

The code is heavily commented throughout. Check it out if you are trying to get a handle on using gulp to build your project.

Backbone with routing

I also made sure to including routing. It seems to me that Backbone example apps rarely demonstrate patterns for routing.